Why am I blogging?

The other day my partner Jeff gave me a stern talking to.  He told me that I wasn’t blogging enough.  That “Talking the Walk” needed to be more visible.  He’s spent many years in internet marketing and understands the biz really well.  I do not.

I’ve never been particularly good at advertising my good qualities.  I’ve always preferred to hideout and avoid scrutiny.  This is all well and good when you’re in the midst of writing your book, but it will not do when it comes time to try to bring your novel or short story collection to the world.  Suddenly, even at the early stages of trying to find an agent, I must promote myself.

So, Jeff—who pushes me (and I love him for it)—has decided that I should pursue a regular schedule based on a variety of different categories, including “Marketing You and Your Work,” “Finding an Agent,” “Getting Published,” “Revising and Writing Process,” “Teaching and Writing,” “Blogs I Like and Read,” and of course, any other random or philosophical thoughts.  And I’ll blog Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Shoo.

He also told me to keep it short and ask questions.

I’m listening to him, because although at first I didn’t want to admit it (hence his stern tone), his plan makes sense.  Admittedly, it frightens me, because I’m having to writing faster and craft less . . . not something an English teacher or a writer likes to do.  But hey, I might discover something about myself.

I’d love any feedback on this plan, especially if you are blogging or planning to blog.  It would be interesting to hear other perspectives.



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4 responses to “Why am I blogging?

  1. Hey, John, I think your blogging plan is great–the more you post, the more people will want to follow along. Now, to take this advice myself on the Squad365 blogspot (writers to writers on shameless book promotion). Already I can think of excuses for why I can’t post today, but, hey, maybe I can!

  2. i TOTALLY agree!!!!

    It’s good for anyone – a writer, an organization’s communications specialist, mom, whoever – to create a dialog. That is why it’s called ‘SOCIAL NETWORK MARKETING’ I know that there are many people out there in our circle of friends that are blogging, and each and every one should be helping the other.

    comment. disagree. agree.

    Just start communicating.

  3. John, it’s June 14 and I’m looking for your Tuesday post…

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