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john-logoIn addition to revising my manuscript and finding an agent or publisher, it now falls upon me to conceive of a marketing plan.  Part of the marketing of myself and my book will require that certain things are created—my one-pager, my Facebook account, and of course, my website.  So, one of my projects this summer has been to work with Jeff—utilizing his skills and knowledge—and design a website.  The first question Jeff asked me was:  What do you want this website to be and to do ?  Well, seeing that this is all new territory for me, I’m not too sure, but here’s what I think:

First and foremost (at this point in my journey to publish), the site should present my personality as a writer to possible agents and editors.  I’ve heard again and again that agents and editors look to build and establish relationships with writers, not just individual books, so I want my site to say something about my personality, my creativity, and ultimately, my potential.

Second, I want it to say something about my current novel, Dodging and Burning, and why it is an exciting and thought-provoking read.  Particularly, I want my website to echo the atmosphere of my book, so that a visitor to the site is already getting the flavor of the book, as if it were a kind of electronic book jacket.

Third, I want it show my willingness to self-promote and my desire to get out there and peddle my goods.  Writers can no longer assume that publishers are going to do it for you.

Fourth, I want it to be the hub of my network of friends, family, colleagues, and interested parties, who are following my writing and my career.  It would be my tool for keeping all that organized.

I’m curious to find out if I thinking it right on all of this . . .  I’d love any input.



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2 responses to “Website in sight

  1. Delighted to catch up on this excellent blog after a writing retreat. I think your approach to your Website is very sound. I hope you take time with the look of your Website so the aesthetic delights you and you feel really at home whenever you log on. A unified feel and enough individual touches that the whole thing feels like your fingerprint. What’s great about a Website of this sort (mine has only been up for a year, during which my first novel was published) is that once it’s up, it serves as an ambassador for your work all the time. And if you keep your calendar updated, you’ll give your network reasons to check your Website–just the way some of us are beginning to check your excellent blog.

  2. johncopenhaver

    (from Jeff:) A great point! Make sure that you keep your calendar updated, much like you keep your blog updated. One of the key triggers in maintaining site loyalty and repeat visits is how fresh the content is. You must establish a regular schedule and stick to it! It may be hard but well worth it in the end.

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