Revising; it’s a grind.

RevisingOver the past few days, I’ve been vigorously collating feedback and edits on my manuscript and trying to figure out the most economical way to revise.  So, this is how I do it.

First, I print out the novel, put it in a folder, tab all the chapters, making a table of contents in which I not only include page numbers, but also the length of each chapter (which can help in analyzing pacing). Then, I make a list of all the general, overarching feedback, such as “I think Chapter 14 needs to move at a slower, more suspenseful pace” or “Joe Smoe’s voice needs to be more distinct.”  In other words, it’s all the big changes I’m going to have to make, the sorts of things which need to be hovering over my shoulder while I’m looking at my manuscript.  Then, I begin combing the manuscript, no more than two chapters a day, making line edits I received from a variety of sources (apparently I have a big “month” “mouth” problem!”).

Anyway, this is grueling but necessary.  I’ve reached the end of my fourth day doing this, and I’m mentally drained.  I’m so glad friends are coming to visit this weekend. The break will be necessary and welcome.


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  1. Matt N

    Good luck, brother. Revising is grueling stuff, but it’s were all the art is created. I can’t remember who said that. Maybe I did. I can never remember if I’m quoting or being original.

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