Summer priorities

My priorities during the summers are spending time with Jeff and working on my novel, because during the school year, my first priority has to be teaching.  However, this doesn’t mean that I can ignore schoolwork during June, July, and August.  Since I’ll be teaching my new class on analyzing crime novels and their film counterparts, I’ve had to study up on my general knowledge of film, and my knowledge of the novels that my students will be reading and the specific movies that they’ll be viewing.

Last night, Jeff and I watched The Big Sleep, the first novel/film combination I’ll be teaching.  It’s a famously difficult film to follow.  As we watched it, I described to Jeff the ins-and-outs of the plot and who all the characters were.  I was happy that I could share my enthusiasm with him about something which both informs my writing and my teaching.  It was a great few minutes where everything I’m passionate about—writing, teaching, and Jeff—came together.

Those moments, of course, are rare, but I’m so thankful that they occur.  I’m also thankful that I have a teaching job that allows me to teaching texts which are in a dialogue with my writing, and a partner who’s so supportive and willing to sit through an old, confusing movie.

As the summer continues, I hope there will be more moments like this.


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