A month later . . . the blog, is it a good thing?

chairSo, it’s been a little over a month, and I think blogging has been a really good thing, something I recommend other serious young writers do.  I must admit that I resisted it at first.  Jeff really had to poke and prod me to make me sit down and do it. First and foremost, my biggest objection to it was that it seemed self-indulgent.  You know, who wants to read about me and my quest to revise and publish my first book?  I’m a modest person, I thought.  Ha!

If I’m being honest with myself, I was just afraid to stick my neck out and expose my thoughts in a public forum.  I was worried about what my friends and family might think.  The truth is the worst sort of self-indulgence is fear, and by resisting the blog, that’s exactly what I was doing—indulging my fear.  Jeff knew this.  That’s why he kicked me in the butt.

So, I’m over it.  I figure if you’re reading this blog and enjoying it—great!  If you’re not—no worries.  So the question is, although a blog is a good promotional tool, is it good for anything else, such as my writing.  The answer is, yes.  I think when you write, even informally, such as in a blog, your ideas become even clearer to you.  That is, you start understanding yourself better, and so often this better self-understanding makes you a better writer—or at least a healthier writer.

So, blog on, writers. Blog on.


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One response to “A month later . . . the blog, is it a good thing?

  1. I love visiting this blog — reminds me of what I mean to do, what I have done, and what’s just out of my grasp as even a possibility. I hope you’ll keep it going strong, John!

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