My Website Has Launched!

So, I’m launching my website today (, and I’m really excited.  I assure you—although the website is all about me and my writing—it’s Jeff’s hard work, his labor of love, that made it possible.  I really love the site, because Jeff has managed to take my blurbs, my writing, my musical inspirations, and photos of me and create something that resonates both with my personality and with the atmosphere of each of my novels.  Although the site is intended as a way for others to get to know me and my writing, it’s also a great display of his artistic talents.

Goofy Golf/Jump

Of course, the site is a living document, which means that it will continue to evolve.  It’s uses will change as my writing career moves forward (I hope!) and it will go from being about getting published to about remaining published.  Whatever the future holds, I’m excited about it now, so have a look and tell me what you think. Below is a list of  few things of interest on the site that you may what to explore:

• There’s a button in the right hand corner that plays the music, which is a mix of both the film scores and classic 1930s-1940s crooning that inspired me as I wrote the book.  I mention many of the old songs in my novel.  The first song is by a favorite film composer of mine, Alexandre Desplat, and it echoes the structure of my novel, building in violence and pathos as it progresses.

• The “All About John” section is probably the concisest I’ve ever been about the big events in my life and how they’ve influenced my writing.

• Look for the picture of me with the clown nose—my essence distilled in one image.

Anyway, have fun and tell my what you think.  I would love any suggestions . . .


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