Making Time for Marketing

john-gulfSo, I’m back in the throws of schoolwork. The large, creeping projects of the summer—revision, website, reading—have now given way to essential minutia, the endless little things that must be completed before the kids return to school.

This is my favorite time of the school year, because everyone is so energized about teaching new courses and/or meeting new students and faculty members.  It’s a homecoming of sorts.  However, I must keep my eyes on the prize and continue plugging away at my writing when I can steal a chance between bouts of preparation.

I’ve decided that, during the school year, I’m going to blog as much as I can and no less than twice a week, even if the blog entries are shorter.  From a marketing standpoint, it’s important to blog often.  Jeff has reminded me that I need to stay visible and show my dedication to this activity.  Also, much the way gets better at suggesting books to you the more you buy, search engines begin to learn more about your blog the more that you blog.  That means I’ll begin appearing on more radar screens (so to speak) if I keep at it.

So, finding time will be challenge.  But I think once classes start and my students begin sharing their ideas, I’ll feel energized and inspired to blog more.  That mutualistic inspiration that can occur in the classroom is one of the true benefits of being a writer/teacher.  I’m thankful for that.


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