Going on about going on . . .

(Jeff Herrity:) (John had his first ‘official’ day back in school today….I’ve given him the day off from blogging.)

Last week John blogged about ‘going on‘ about his book and his writing and how this made him uncomfortable. Over at the Squad 365 site, their mantra and approach is ‘shameless self-promotion’ and how – as a writer (or any artist) – it’s very important to get out there and really promote yourself and your achievements.

When we launched John’s blog, this blog, it was important to make sure that we closely monitored site traffic and maintain blog posting frequency in order to get higher ranking in search engines and recognition in the ‘blogosphere.’ As John continued to blog and interact with other blogs, and other people interacting with this blog; the number of site visits has grown tremendously. Talking the Walk is beginning to appear on other blogs in the ‘similar blog topics’ page section and we are getting originating traffic way beyond our manic facebook postings. This is good.

John's site featured on wix.com

John's site featured on wix.com

We then launched John’s personal site www.jcopenhaver.com with links to this blog we increased his overall internet presence. Traffic to his site has been great with each day beating the previous. Personally, as a web marketer for many years, this is the ideal situation. More visits. Extending the reach of the John Copenhaver brand. Visitor loyalty. This is something that as a writer he can bring to the table when he is finding an agent and publisher – a built-in fanbase with the data to support it. John has begun to sell himself before there’s even a product on the market.

Building his site using wix.com was a way that we could create something low-cost/free and promote as something everyone that has the ability to drag-and-drop can do. I’m pleased to announce that for the past week or so we have been prominently featured on the wix.com site in the ‘Explore’ section under ‘personal’ sites. Again, traffic has increased a crazy amount. I’m also a bit of a data junky and check stats daily and report to John. “Hey babe, you have visitors coming to your site from 60 countries!!!” (A shout out to the visitors from Madagascar and Uzbekistan!! And Germany tops the list of visits – hey Germany!)

This just goes to show that if you really work at it, and promote, promote, promote – you will begin to expand your web of visitors, and you have done some of the marketing that will help you get published and sell.

Our next step will be to begin to use Twitter more. Feel free to start following John on Twitter. http://twitter.com/johncopenhaver

Is there anything that you are doing to promote yourself that has worked really well and you want to share? Just leave a comment!



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